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"Help For Your Whole Self"

Welcome to Sledge Training & Wellness Coaching. Here you will find information about the services I provide, from individual personal training sessions to tailored wellness monitoring, as well as training and coaching offered online.  I provide all the tools, guidance, and support my clients need in order to find betterment on their journey. Please, explore the site and hopefully, we can combine our strengths in an effort to create a better you!

Pierre Sledge 


Personal Training

My approach to personal training is that no one needs a personal trainer forever and as field experts, we should be teaching our clients to be independent of us.  My goal is to combine this approach with tailoring specific fitness programs to meet the needs of every client. The internet has also been a vast resource in reaching people as its emergence has also allowed me to be able to offer online training, as well.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is an overlooked companion to personal training. This component is used to analyze, track, and reinforce the transitioning to a new, healthier lifestyle. The overall goal of wellness coaching is to be supportive of this transition and to teach clients how to remain entrenched in the newness of a life change. The online component is also available here, as it can be just as useful a tool when used for check in, counsel, and motivation.

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Client Testimonials

Great Feedback


“I would recommend working with Sledge Training & Wellness to anyone! The personal care and attention to my goals was remarkable”

Kathleen C.


 "Pierre is a very knowledgeable and dedicated fitness coach, and was very helpful in motivating me to exercise!"

Andrea S.


“I was truly inspired with the personal training sessions. Just when I thought I could not do one more lunge, toe lift, or minute on the treadmill, Pierre was always motivating me to push forward and not give up. I felt really good about myself after each session and looking forward to the next one.”

Darnecia S.


About Me

I'm a former college athlete who gained weight after my playing days were done. After a health wake up call, I made the necessary changes in order to get my blood sugars under control. I also decided to get certified as a trainer as I have an education background strongly rooted in health.  These decisions were a part of my purpose and were needed in order for me to give back to you.

What separates me from other trainers is that I have been on the same side as my clients. More than a decade ago I was 70lbs heavier than I needed to be and struggling with my eating behaviors. I lost the weight and bested diabetes with discipline and a "healthy fear." I believe that my triumph is not specific to me and that I can help anyone learn how to lead a healthier life.   


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Session Rates

Rates are per one 60 minute session.



The initial intake meeting where we establish if there are barriers to training, outlook, and goals.

In Person Session: My Home Gym


A standard session is a session that occurs at the home gym in Solon, Ohio. Virtual sessions are offered online via Skype.

Travel Session

Depends on distance

A travel session is a session where I would travel to meet the client. These prices can vary (less or more) based upon travel distance but $45 is about average for my client range.

Remote Session


Are you ready to transform your life and receive healthy guidance from an experienced professional?

Remote sessions are conducted via Skype, Zoom, or Face Time. 

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